Research Topics

The followings are the suggested topics:

§   Egyptian Accounting Standards (EASs) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) applications in light of current challenges.

§   The IFRS of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

§   Accounting disclosure practices by economic and financial entities.

§   The recent trends in Governmental Accounting, Cost Accounting and

       Management Accounting.

§   The role of Corporate Governance Mechanisms in confronting the financial       corruption.

§   The role of Environmental Accounting and Corporate Social Responsibility      in the Sustainable Development.

§   Accounting for biodiversity and Environmental assets.

§   The role of current taxation systems in attracting foreign and domestic


§   The role of auditing in attaining economic sustainability and reducing 

      financial corruption.

§   The role of Internal Auditing in Corporate Governance.

§   The Accounting Education System and the country needs to meet the  

     economic growth.

§   The applications of communication and information (ICT) technologies in 

     Accounting (E-business, E-commerce, Corporate Internet Reporting,   


Please note that the above themes are only indicative. Papers outside these themes, but with relevance to accounting and auditing realms are mostly welcomed.